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Syosset, NY – March, 2017 – Chris Jones, a Financial Planner at the Center for Wealth Preservation (CWP), has been awarded the Douglas R. Carroll Award at the CWP Agency Advisor Series on March 2, 2017. This award recognizes outstanding perseverance, longevity and...

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Setting Up a Budget Based on Your Values

At a recent breakfast, a friend shared the process he and his wife use in place of traditional budgeting. It takes them less than 15 minutes a month, and after the first month, it’s already had a massive impact on the way they use money. Think of this as a little case study, one that shows exactly how easy it can be to align your spending with what you say is important to you.

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Managing Risk with a Strong Foundation

Asset allocation and diversification are so fundamental that you might consider them the foundation for constructing your portfolio. And just as the foundation of a building may seem to disappear under the finished building, it’s easy to lose sight of portfolio structure as you track the performance of specific securities or the dollar value of your investments.

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